Beneficial Ricegerm

The germ is the origin of plant vitality which grows rice plants.
Rice germ can be the best natural source with its richest nutrient content.
Enjoy the natural treasure and make the best use of this Korean super food!
66% of the nutrients of rice are in its Ricegerm!
The reason white rice became nothing but carbohydrate is because the center of nutrient, Ricegerm fell apart!
'Beneficial ricegerm' lovers SMARTLY only eat the Ricegerm!
Ricegerm went out for a reason
Did you eat rice properly? Let's find the real!
Power! Of rice that we've forgotten!
To 'Ricegerm'!
Let's eat 'Ricegerm'
Why did we make 'Ricegerm'?

The Ricegerm was born from the will of a father to overcome
diabetes in order to protect his family.
The doctor strongly advised him to eat brown rice meal,
but since it was difficult to digest brown rice, he started thinking.
Was there a way to eat only the beneficial nutrients without the discomforts of eating brown rice?

That's how 'Ricegerm' started, and it is full of core nutrients of rice.

Ricegerm is the root of life

Ricegerm means the germinal disk of rice.
The germinal disk is the root of life,
and is of full of nutrients and energy.

In the Ricegerm,
which takes up only 1% in a grain of rice,
66% of the core nutrients of brown rice are condensed in it

The most important nutrient, natural amino acid and minerals are included,
and they only exist in the Ricegerm.
GABA, the core nutrient of brown rice / Octacosanol / Gammaoryzanol / Linolenic acid / Mineral /Amino acid
/Calcium /Dietary fiber/ Vitamin(A,B,C,D,E…) etc, and 10 or more nutrients are contained in large amounts.
The Ricegerm is known to be good for lipolysis, low calories, abundant mineral,
weight loss, and prevention of adult disease!

The power of rice! Rice will keep you healthy!
Only makes sense when you eat Ricegerm with it.
While polishing rice, Ricegerm chips off with rice bran

Why is Ricegerm good for you?

Korean super food, because rice is great medicine.
There are numerous nutrients condensed in the ricegerm which are needed for living.

The 66% of core nutrients that white rice threw away. 66% of rice’s nutrients are in the Ricegerm.

Ricegerm (embryo)
Contains 66% of functional substances
Full of vitamin, mineral, octacosanol,
linolenic acid and ferulic acid White rice
Contains 5% of functional substances
Carbohydrate, fat, protein etc. Rice bran (aleurone layer)
Contains 29% of functional substances
Full of fiber, vegetable fats

Nutrients in Ricegerm

The amino acid transmitting substances in the central nerves
Prevents stroke, dementia through expediting
the metabolism function of brain cell, controls cholesterol,
memory improvement due to the increase
of blood flow and increased supply of oxygen,
decreases stress, effective on insomnia,
vitalizes liver function,
stimulates the metabolism for alcohol,
used as hangover beverage, prevents stroke,
solves obesity, promotes the function of kidney,
promotes growth and development
The source of power that allows migratory bird to cross country
Improves strength, endurance and stamina,
Increases the ability to exercise and
resolves fatigue by quickly dismantling glycogen,
Disassemble fat into energy and adds power to
our body, and controls the neutral lipid cholesterol
in the serum and helps blood circulation and
vitalizes metabolism, improves metabolism,
improves cardio pulmonary function,
and prevents adult disease such as
high blood pressure and diabetes
Antioxidant protect
prevents cellular aging,
promotes immunity and
prevents cardiovascular
Prevents colorectal cancer
Dietary fiber
Prevents constipation,
maintains intestinal
beneficial bacteria,
dilutes agricultural
Full of mineral,
calcium and
Vitamin A,B,C,D,E
Accelerates growth
Linoleic acid
Improves atopy,
Controls cancer cells
Accelerates growth

Gaba Prevents dementia and improves learning ability,
decreases stress, removes neutral fat

A lot of them exist in the brain of humans, vegetables, fruits,
rice, brown rice and other cereals, and it lowers blood pressure
and has diuretic effect and by increasing the oxygen supply and
improves the metabolic system of brain cell and stabilizes nerve
and relieves anxiety.
It holds down the increase of fat cell due to the lack of growth
hormones after the age of 40, and builds muscles;
y-aminobuytric acid is reported to increase Human Growth
Hormone(: HGH) that comes from the anterior pituitary gland.
It’s non-toxic and has the ability to lower blood pressure as well,
so it is used in medicine and medical supplies in other countries.

γ-Oryzanol Has reinforcement effects of antioxidant substances,
neural transmission and autonomic nerve

From the rice bran or germ oil, it is disassembled by hydrous
ethanol or acetone and gets γ-Oryzanol by demarcation of hydrous
ethanol. The γ-Oryzanol component in rice kernel oil has great
preservative abilities. Also, γ-Oryzanol components are great for
lowering the serum cholesterol, and they have skin-brightening
It is used as reinforcement agent and antioxidant for food made of
fat fish jelly product. When doing an oral administration on mouse,
(experimental mouse) LD 50 is 5.0g/kg.

Octacosanol strengthens endurance, bioactive substance,
the cause substance for flying abilities of wild goose,
lowers cholesterol

Anti-stress effect and good for fatigue recovery, lowers
the plasma cholesterol and LDL – cholesterol level, and
it is reported as increasing HDL-cholesterol 8~15%.
It was shown that the supply of octacosanol increases
the biochemical figures and the endurance of a rat
that is fatigue from simple and repetitive work, and
it also has the ability to enhance stamina, energy and vitality
so it is commercialized in the form of capsule or pulp.
For the absorption of octacosanol, there are many changes,
and for humans and rats the absorption rate is 11%,
for rabbits 28% are absorbed and digested.
Products that have high percentage of fat allow octacosanol
to be absorbed better, and it gets absorbed to the limp from
the small intestine.

Why do we have to eat 'Ricegerm'?

It's because people from age 0 to 100 can get healthier through 'Ricegerm'

From 0 to 100 years old,
delicious and healthy
  • Babies
    (Who eats dry milk , milk, and baby food)

    Good for growth, brain development,
    prevention and treatment of atopy,
    prevention of constipation,
    strengthens immunity

  • Prime-aged

    Prevention and improvement of diabetes,
    removes cholesterol, Has the effect of dropping blood pressure,
    antioxidation function, strengthens immunity,
    prevents arteriosclerosis, prevents catabiosis, decreases
    the danger of cancer and cataract, prevents dementia,
    keeps the balance of beneficial bacteria in body,
    dilutes the heavy metal agricultural pesticide component

  • Children and students

    Increases the learning abilities and concentration,
    helps acceleration of growth,
    prevents childhood diabetes,
    strengthens immunity, relieves anxiety

  • Diet, Diabetic

    prevention and improvement for diabetes,
    removes cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure,
    increase the effect of insulin, strengthens immunity,
    prevents arteriosclerosis, prevents catabiosis,
    decreases the danger of cancer and cataract,
    dilutes the heavy metal
    agricultural pesticide component

  • Good for woman
    who are pregnant, has given birth,
    or are in postnatal care

    The nutrients of embryo bud of rice are
    delivered to the fetus, and supply nutrients
    before and after birth as well as
    when breast-feeding, prevents constipation,
    supplies Vitamin E,
    weight-loss affect after giving birth,
    prevents depression

  • Frequent drinking opportunities,
    workers are worried about their belly fat

    Expedites the metabolism of alcohol
    as well as prevent the liver diseases due to
    consumption of alcohol,
    lowers cholesterol, effective on stamina,
    prevents alcohol related brain diseases,
    vitalizes liver function

  • People who are on a diet

    nutrient supplement for people
    who are on a diet,
    improving one’s physical constitution,
    improvement of endurance need when exercising

Why 'Ricegerm'
rather than brown rice?

In 3g of'Ricegerm', there are beneficial nutrients that worth of 30 bowls of brown rice.

  • You all know brown rice is good, right?
  • But isn’t it too rough and too difficult to digest?
  • Apparently, you have to soak it in water for 10 hours and chew it 100 times in order to digest and absorb it? Sometimes it just comes out…
  • Right~ If you don’t eat it right away, it could smell bad and the color changes too!
  • The nutrients can get destroyed while you are making it due to acidification~ You have to try so hard to eat it but can't even get the nutrients…
  • My family likes white rice, but children don’t want to eat brown rice and my husband says he can’t digest brown rice…
  • Have your heard? Apparently you eat brown rice in order to eat the Ricegerm?
  • Right! There are 66% of the brown rice's nutrients in the Ricegerm… Is there a way to eat only Ricegerm?
  • A1 released a product where there is only Ricegerm!
  • Really? Then we should eat the Ricegerm instead of brown rice. That’s so Smart!
Smart 'Ricegerm'

The beneficial nutrients that are worth of 30 bowls of brown rice is in 1 packet of 'Ricegerm'.
We can get 3g of Ricegerm by sorting 3kgs of brown rice.

The reason 'Ricegerm' is good

Just because it's Ricegerm, it's not all the same

Love, sincerity and devotion

We've found a way to health body with core nutrients of Ricegerm, which white rice has lost. 'The passion for ‘Ricegerm' that has been going on for more than 10 years, has started from parent love to protect our family to the mind of A1N & Sunwoo Natural to make Korean people healthier. So we can trust it.

We select the ingredients carefully

- 100% Korean Brown rice

We use patented 10-level screening technique in order to earn pure Ricegerm

- Patent technology

We automatized the process to make an environment the Ricegerm won’t get spoiled

-The largest scale of automatized facility

In order to minimize the destroying of the nutrients,
optimum logistic system and latest facilities are used

- latest facilities

Rice, brown rice and the secret of 7 hours
  • 7 hours

    All rice needs to be refrigerated
    right after polishing,
    if not, oxidation happens after 7 hours

  • 7 day

    After 7 days,
    the exterior oxidizes and
    the nutrients starts to get destroyed

  • 15 day

    After 15 days,
    the taste, nutrients and
    the moisture vaporizes and
    acidifies very quickly.

The factory in Cheonan will be built on December 2016

A1'Ricegerm' co-developed
a patented screening technique
with Gyeonggido Agricultural Research & Extension Services
and made the production process to be automatized,
so it is safe from the environment where the Ricegerm changes fast.

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